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New Jersey Appeal Super Lawyer: 10-year anniversary selection 

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     Following another year of vetting through the selection process for those lawyers who will be honored as New Jersey Super Lawyers, once again New Jersey Monthly Magazine lists Jeffrey S. Mandel, Esq. as a Super Lawyer in Appellate Practice. Jeff Mandel has been named for more than ten straight years as a New Jersey appeal Super Lawyer. Mr. Mandel has, on average, been one of only six Super Lawyers in the field of New Jersey appeals. This honors Mr. Mandel's over ten-year achievement as one of our (New Jersey's) appellate Super Lawyers.
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In addition to being listed as a Super Lawyer, Jeffrey Mandel is one of only approximately 3% of all lawyers in New Jersey to be certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Attorney. That honor alone merits special recognition.

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Jeff Mandel is a named Super Lawyer. Saying Jeffrey Mandel is the best appeal lawyer in New Jersey or Jeff Mandel is the top appeal lawyer in New Jersey is speculation. Only a particular client can say if he or she thinks a lawyer is the best appeal lawyer. This site sets forth an achievement and it is for you to decide whether the best appeal lawyer or top appeal lawyer in New Jersey is Jeff Mandel. It is not spelled Jeff Mandell or Jeffrey Mandell.

Jeffrey Mandel is known by some in New Jersey as a top New Jersey appeal lawyer. Some say Jeff Mandel is the best New Jersey appeal lawyer. No lawyer should call him/herself the best appeal lawyer in New Jersey or top appeal lawyer in New Jersey. Jeffrey Mandel is a New Jersey lawyer who will fight for you. That can be said. Seek the best New Jersey appeal lawyer or top New Jersey appeal lawyer? There is none. Seek a New Jersey appeal lawyer who will work hard and seek to be the best lawyer or top New Jersey appeal lawyer, contact Jeff Mandel. Jeff Mandel also answers to the misspelling of his name (Jeff Mandell, Jeffrey Mandell, Geoff Mandel, Jeffery Mandel, ...). Read the selection process before making a choice. Again, being honored repeatedly by others does not mean that Jeffrey Mandel will be the best New Jersey appeal lawyer or top appeal lawyer for you.

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     Jeff Mandel, whose personal life is a story of itself, is the author of New Jersey Appellate Practice. He is a New Jersey lawyer who, in addition to being a trial lawyer, handles appeals in the Superior Court, Appellate Division and in the Supreme Court of New Jersey. Jeffrey Mandel has big law firm experience from working at Drinker Biddle and at Day Pitney, and now offers small firm attention to clients at the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Mandel LLC. He handles New Jersey appeals throughout the State in addition to handling criminal defense and representing clients in civil litigation. The New Jersey Law Journal recognized Mr. Mandel in 2015 for having obtained one of the highest personal injury awards in the State of New Jersey and the Supreme Court of New Jersey has certified Jeff Mandel as a Civil Trial Attorney.

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